PHASES AND DESIGN PROGRESS TO DATE The site plan has been further developed and modified by John Mantha from Mantha Surveys, in consultation with stakeholders, in order to meet the guidelines and regulations of the Town of Stratford and the province of Prince Edward Island. The lot designs have been drafted to accommodate a selection of single family homes and high-end customized duplexes, including single and two story dwellings, to best enable homeowners to enjoy the incredible vista. PHASES AND DESIGN Strawberry Hill will be the start of a new era in residential development in PEI. The development will consist of several custom designed phases, the first phase to be launched in 2009. On the first six acres of this property, there will be a combination of single family homes and custom designed duplexes which will have an appeal and uniqueness new to PEI. Their presentation will establish a consistent theme throughout the development, yet offer tasteful selections by the homeowner, to be monitored by restrictive covenants. The area to be developed for Phase One will also contain green spaces that will blend with the natural landscape of the area, and create a rewarding environment for the residents. In both design and construction of the units, we will have energy conservation methods in mind. It is their goal to use as many natural materials as possible, and heat sources that utilize efficiency - all in an effort to create a healthy living environment and conserve energy. We will take responsibility by selecting contractors whose commitment to quality will be nothing short of excellence, and by striving to provide a product that will surpass all expectations. Consistent with our established reputations, our business dealings will be characterized by integrity and open communication. PHASE ONE Phase One will consist of eight duplexes with a design based on a very successful concept that was developed in the New England area, and will comprise approximately six acres of the total acreage to be developed. It is our intention to set this neighbourhood apart from the traditional duplex market by offering a unique design, sustainable concepts and quality. The size profile of these duplexes will range from 1200 square feet per side and up. For those clients who want additional floor space, an option will be provided to have the basement completed at an additional cost. The duplexes within this development will be constructed with a hardy plank siding, cape-cod siding, or a wooden shingle, the exterior finish accented with stone or brick. As indicated in the covenant to this development, vinyl siding will not be permitted. We will use energy efficient windows and doors, added insulation to create a tight envelope, energy efficient heat sources and air exchange systems. The homes will also use appliances that are approved as being energy efficient. We have also designed the site location for these homes to take advantage of the passive solar approaches so the houses will face a southwest position on the lot. All the duplexes will be designed to have a screened-in sunroom or glassed-in sunroom that will be priced accordingly. We will provide the client with a range of approaches of using green concepts in the construction of their home that are simple and inexpensive to options that are quite involved and will require capital investment over the traditional home. It will be our intention to work with the Department of Energy to provide access to any grants that are available to assist in the construction costs of these energy-efficient homes. The interior of these duplexes will be based on a design that was viewed in a development in the New England area. The interior design will be unique and tasteful as displayed by the photos. The client will have the choice of different products to choose from to complete the interior design of their home. As the design concept of the development indicates, Phase One will also contain lots for single family homes. The concept designs for the single family homes that have been selected for Phase One are unique, attractive and will offer a very strong curb side appeal to the potential client. A great deal of time and effort has been placed in selecting these designs and once again, these homes will be constructed with an energy efficiency approach in mind. Please refer to our portfolio of selected homes for Phase One. The client will have an excellent choice of homes to choose from in our portfolio but they will also have the choice to select a design of their own and have this design approved by the developers. The concept design for Strawberry Hill has been carefully planned to take advantage of the incredible landscape and vista. In Phase One, there will be a circular courtyard that will contain gardens and walking paths that link you to adjoining properties. One of the greatest features of Strawberry Hill will be the provision of amenities such as lawn and garden care and snow removal, all covered by a common-area fee. Our passion for this development will be exemplified by the aesthetically pleasing designs that will harmonize with the natural landscape, the walking paths we create and the green spaces we preserve. Our gated entrance will take you through a drive that will lead yyou past these well designed units that are very well landscaped to an area where the landscape opens out to an incredible vista that will provide the foundation for Phase Two of this development. The goal of this project is to have people drive into our development and feel, "this is where I want to be." PHASE TWO Phase Two of the development will consist of single family homes. These homes will be constructed on the balance of the property containing approximately 18 acres - enough land base to accommodate approximately 34 lots. Once again, the focus for Phase Two will be on aesthetically pleasing designs, energy efficiency, green spaces and the creation of a community with trails that link to other regions of the area. CUSTOMER SERVICE Given that this residential development will include ongoing services (including but not limited to snow removal and lawn care), there will be a customer service component. The quality of customer service has been shown to have a strong influence on long-term market success. The developers will establish quality control and technical support with respect to the services to be provided, to ensure the reputation of Strawberry Hill as a desirable place to live. CONCLUSION We feel excited about the opportunity that awaits us at Strawberry Hill. We have carried out a great deal of research and know that the Town of Stratford is and will continue to be a growing vibrant community. We have an incredible location, an outstanding piece of real estate, a concept design that we believe will instill a strong commitment to quality standards, sustainable approaches to a healthier life style and a vision to create a community where you will live today for tomorrow. Come and take a tour of our new sustainable development located at 49 Georgetown Road and be sure to visit our new showroom located on site. Your home is a an expression of who you are and at Strawberry Hill it will be our pleasure to sell you that special lot or customized home.
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