Site Features
SITE FEATURES As mentioned, there are a number of selling features incorporated into the design of the Strawberry Hill development including: -The location and the community itself (five minutes from Charlottetown). -The vision of the community and the future plans that have been developed to bring the whole community forward in a sustainable manner. -The landscape and the terrain of the property and the incredible view it has to offer the homeowners. -The appreciation and respect for the property that created a need to involve the expertise of Randall Arendt, John Mantha and the Town of Stratford who worked together to create the best possible concept and design for this property. -The thought that has evolved the selection of the homes for this development and the commitment to incorporate degrees of energy efficiency within the development. -The features that will be offered within the development to meet the market requirements-well landscaped properties, walkways that carry throughout the development to link up to other paths within the town of Stratford, the golf course, the option to have all lawn care and snow removal services provided within the development on a fee basis, green spaces that will offer gardens, vineyards. Homes that will be selected to create a development that will offer uniqueness and curb appeal that will have a high re-sale value. -The creation of a community that will offer a lifestyle and a pride of ownership for those who live there. A goal will be to offer a country way of life in a suburban setting. -The creation of a development that will offer options for all age groups: the high end duplexes for the retired individuals, the young professionals or the baby boomers who want to downsize and place more emphasis on quality of life knowing that all the challenges and responsibilities of home ownership can be handled by someone else. However, options for those individuals who still seek the independence to maintain their own home. Individuals from all walks of life will have the pride in sharing the responsibility of moving forward in a development that has a primary focus on sustainability. -The resale value of homes in this area will be a factor for many buyers. It is a destination that offers a strong community concept and has the infrastructure in place for a plan that seems to stress the protection of the environment - a concept that more and more people hold at heart. Statistics indicate that Stratford continues to record the highest average new home price with the PEI capital region, topping $230,000 YTD, in 2008, an increase of 11% from 2007.
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