THE DEVELOPERS The developers, Jason Aspin and Gordon MacPherson, are both Islanders. Both have extensive and varied backgrounds in development and alternative energy fields. The strategic goal of the developers is to introduce a different approach to residential development. Today’s consumers are more educated, seeking options for healthier and more environmentally conscious homebuilding materials as well as solutions for home energy that are cost-efficient. The development is designed to meet those expectations and attract those consumers. The background of Jason Aspin and his various companies provides a level of expertise in design engineering that has taken many projects from concept to completion in the field of alternative energy and other related fields. His company has dealt with projects that have been based worldwide specializing in the provision of custom solutions to fit many diversified project needs. Jason and his companies have built a solid reputation of engineering and technical expertise that will offer invaluable support to our development. Gordon MacPherson has been self-employed in the business sector for close to 30 years. His projects have been numerous and varied. Through many years in the service industry, he has gained a great insight into the mind of the consumer. Gordon has owned and operated aquaculture projects, agricultural operations, tourism operations and property developments. He has built cottages, owned, operated and renovated restaurants, constructed buildings for commercial needs, managed building restorations including one of the oldest heritage homes in Charlottetown - the Fairholm National Historic Inn.

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